Feeling Badly about my Teeth

My teeth are drifting.  A not-very-attractive night guard saves my teeth from clenching yet has caused an inward shift.  My signature chiclet-chompers are splaying inward…likely unnoticeable to anyone else, it’s glaringly obvious to me and it’s affecting my signature smile.  Like Sampson, my power seemed to always rest in my sparkly smile.  I’ve noticed I’m…… Continue reading Feeling Badly about my Teeth

Month Of Love

  February houses one pretty heady Hallmark holiday.  Valentine’s always carries so much expectation, like a years worth of love should be reflected in glitter adorned card, a giant steak dinner, and chocolate.  I’m all for some chocolate…but shouldn’t it all boil down to love? Real love, real heart felt words, fears, praise?  I have…… Continue reading Month Of Love