What to name our little endeavor? Wanting something that we can grow into, Allison found a bracelet with the words ‘Grits & Grace’…loving it immediately as it seemed to reflect both aspects of our personalities! Then that kick to the gut feeling when we discovered how many others loved it, as well. Names claimed in every format over the entire spectrum of social media. Feeling like someone had taken our first born, we went back to the drawing board. Hometown streets didn’t jive, chic sounding French words weren’t applicable, middle names Kathleen Michele didn’t flow.

I have a thing for words…they carry the power to heal, uplift, empower but also to deflate, enrage, destroy. It had to be soul-worthy and it wouldn’t hurt if it offered some alliteration. Noticing I’m all about finding things that bring joy to your soul, Allison suggested it focus around ‘soul’. Knowing our intent, what we want customers to feel, how we want them to shine….the name found us….soulshine. Definitely some branding work to accomplish so we’re not confused with a yoga studio or hair care line, we’re excited at the limitless possibility the name allows. It’s our little darling and we can’t wait to share it with the world!


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