The Beginning

Allison was one of those intriguing gals that you knew would make a fabulous friend if you could just find that common ground. On my chicken list, though, as she seemed way too cool for a little country girl like me. Digging up courage and donning my big girl pants, I reached out to her and (gasp) she was game for a meet up! Loving the downtown shops of York City, I introduced her to all of my favorite spots. Deciding not to show her a fake Lisa I’d have to explain later, I went in with my walls down. Goofy, nerdy, often carrying a Beavis & Butthead sense of humor, I let her see the real me. And guess what? She liked me! Her turn now, she planned a morning of touring the quirky, eccentric shops of downtown Hampden. Another day of fun! Heady with the energy from all the adorable shops, Allison posed an integral question that would start the trajectory of an entirely new adventure together. “We should open our own shop”! Immediately feeling like I was picked first on the playground game of kickball, the possibility was thrilling! Settling back onto solid ground, my rational mind kicked in…how well did I really know her? Is she serious? Am I business savvy enough? What if I fail?

School started, she returned to her preschool work, holidays came and went, but still the question lingered…all consuming. Bubbling up all sorts of new insecurities…. how will this affect family time? What from my plate will be sacrificed? What do I know about business? Who will take me seriously as a source of fashion advice? Am I too old? Does Tim think this is just another quack idea? What about funds? One thing I’ve learned is that if it’s scary, it’s probably something you should try. Settled into prayer, I lifted up our little endeavor…nothing but net. Concerned about time with family, we mutually agreed on a more quirky alternative than our own store. No doubt there will be bumps in the road, but excited to see where this takes us!



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  1. Jean Huggins says:

    Lisa, I am so excited for you and this new adventure in your life. The support for what you are doing isn’t just from your husband, it is also from your ‘sisters’ in the Closet. Love reading your blogs and following how God is blessing you and using you to bless others.


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