Ten Take-Aways…The Customer Rules

I have recently started to devour books on successful businesses...hoping to learn from their mistakes, gathering their wisdom.  This is first in a series called Ten Take-Aways...partly to remind me of the good stuff and also to share my findings with the world. First up:  The Customer Rules by Lee Cockerell.  Forty years of business experience, Lee… Continue reading Ten Take-Aways…The Customer Rules


Customer Service is key!

  Hi there! Allison here....First off, I feel like I should tell you, I am NOT a writer.  That task is done by the amazing other  1/2 of Soulshine Boutique.   However, I feel the need to write this.    Since the beginning of this venture with Lisa, I have been having so many feelings.   Anxiety… Continue reading Customer Service is key!

Jump into Joy

Daughter expressed frustration of sitting with insecure underclassmen.  Sadly, that doesn't end in adulthood.  I wasn't sure of myself or comfortable in my own skin until my 40's.   Only now am I realizing confidence comes within...everything else is secondary.  Today I wear cowboy boots and a cardi, tomorrow I may don my favorite U2 shirt and moto… Continue reading Jump into Joy

The Men Meet

I was admittedly afraid...knowing we should introduce the hubbies before any big investments were made, but still afraid.  My darling historically knows within seconds if he'll like someone forever, want nothing to do with them ever again, or if they are completely filled to the brim with lets say, garbage.  He has a deadly accurate… Continue reading The Men Meet