The Men Meet

I was admittedly afraid…knowing we should introduce the hubbies before any big investments were made, but still afraid.  My darling historically knows within seconds if he’ll like someone forever, want nothing to do with them ever again, or if they are completely filled to the brim with lets say, garbage.  He has a deadly accurate filter.  I’m super grateful for it, but knowing how well Allison and I jived, I knew nothing about her husband!  What if mine despised hers?  He’d support me regardless, but a connection would make things so much easier.

With threats of snow, we arranged dinner at a local bar…an easy out if things got hairy.  Nervous first sips of liquid courage.  A shaky voiced introduction.  Then it was all up to them.  I tried to occupy myself with business chatter, but couldn’t help but eavesdrop.  We all connected over camping and children, dinner arrived…no angry nudges yet.  Laughter, healthy balance of convo…still no eye rolls.  Things are going smoothly!  What was I so afraid of?  Every single thing so far has gone off without a hitch, as if destined…why should I have expected less with the husbands?

Back in the car, like a nervous school girl, I can’t wait to hear his thoughts.  He approves. No bad vibes.  What a huge weight released. Another step closer.




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