Customer Service is key!



Hi there! Allison here….First off, I feel like I should tell you, I am NOT a writer.  That task is done by the amazing other  1/2 of Soulshine Boutique.   However, I feel the need to write this.    Since the beginning of this venture with Lisa, I have been having so many feelings.   Anxiety and panic to excitement and immense joy.   During this process we both have agreed that we needed to turn this over to God in hopes that he would open doors for us.    And open doors, he did!!!  He has put amazing people in our paths that have helped us along the way.   Normally just the thought of dealing with customer service people has me  feeling a sense of dread.   The long waits on hold, the constant transferring from department to department not to mention the “accidental” disconnects.   But, after numerous conference calls, meetings  and customer service chats, I was pleasantly surprised.  These people have offered their services, their insights and their support for us and our new venture.  There has been no frustration and no anger.  These companies and their customer service  have been so helpful, cooperative and knowledgeable.  It has proven that there are still great people and companies out there.  From the bottoms of our hearts, THANK YOU!!

You guys rock!


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