Ten Take-Aways…The Customer Rules

I have recently started to devour books on successful businesses…hoping to learn from their mistakes, gathering their wisdom.  This is first in a series called Ten Take-Aways…partly to remind me of the good stuff and also to share my findings with the world.

First up:  The Customer Rules by Lee Cockerell.  Forty years of business experience, Lee held executive positions at Hilton hotels and Marriott, as well as being the executive vice-president of operations at Walt Disney for ten years. Who better to gather business knowledge from than the man who helped make Disney the happiest place on earth?

Ten Take-Aways:

  1. Treat every single person with sincerity and respect…from customers to vendors and suppliers.
  2. Your product and service is reproducible but your customer service makes an unbeatable combo.
  3. First and last impressions are the most important…authentic greeting and thankful goodbye.
  4. Learn the truth by asking specific questions (not simply ‘can I help you with anything?’)…dig  deeper.
  5. Observe and duplicate any best-customer-service practices you find in other industries.
  6. You don’t have to be the first or biggest, you only have to be the best.
  7. Look at what others are NOT doing and do it.
  8. Anticipate your customers needs…they’ll ask for faster horses, give them a car.
  9. Treat everyone as a regular…get to know them and their interests.
  10. Surprise and delight.

I snatched The Customer Rules from my hubby as he received it as a gift from his work (thanks, Gable!)  I loved it so much, I bought another copy and shared it with a friend venturing into a new business.  Easy quick read, I love how observant he is with customers, very inspiring!

customer rules


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