Soulshine State of Mind

Allison & I have been excitedly creating, crafting, dreaming, and curating the brand that is Soulshine these last few months.  Completing all the mundane but necessary tasks of opening accounts, applying for licenses, procuring insurance and sculpting social media.  Yesterday, we clicked order on the mother lode of our clothing and accessories inventory.  Hand-selected maxi skirts, unique tops with intricate detailing, fun and whimsical sundresses, and smile worthy graphic tees, all categorized by personal style. Exciting, definitely.  Anxiety-causing, somewhat.  All the questions and worries that came with hitting that enter key…will they arrive as lovely as we thought?  will they arrive at all? will Soulshine friends love the items we selected?  Then…as my mind settles I remember the most important part…to make others feel beautiful.  See, Soulshine is more than’s  a state of mind…like peace in the storm, like that giant exhale not realizing you’ve held your breath for so long, finding your happy place.  I think of it as a Joy with a side of Clothing.  We posted our first offerings on the website yesterday… tops and a sweet camo cap with the Soulshine logo.  Partly to run samples thru the website to ensure things work smoothly, more significantly to set a precedent of intent. Simple tees, yes, but also sweet reminders each day to live with your Soul wide open…shining for others to see and become inspired, comforted, uplifted.



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