Closet Purge

I’m gearing up for a good Closet Purge…maybe it’s the Spring cleaning bug with the incrementally warmer days creeping in.  More likely it’s because I’m at my tipping point…that frustration over ‘nothing to wear’.  It’s certainly not from lack of clothing as my racks are plump with an assortment of cardigans, sweaters, blouses, and all sorts of bottoms.  It’s the substance…the Gap sweatshirt I bought in college…now frazzled at every edge, so comfy, but now only good for painting.  Also, it’s glaringly obvious my style preference has changed over the years as I have a collection of no longer worn wool blazers, graphic print leggings (buttery soft, yes, but I can. not. leave the house with them on my body), and then there’s the shirts that never get any play… tops I thought would look marvelous, but were never the right color, cut, or length.

So, out they go.  Anything that I’ve tried on twice and have returned to hanger = gone.  Items that are stained or torn and no amount of cleaning will do = gone.  Anything that doesn’t bring me joy when I touch it or wear it = gone.  Anything I haven’t worn in over a year = gone…Leaving room for only the key pieces that bring me joy.  Those items that are flattering, soft, and fit correctly will remain.  Once a better reflection of my core pieces are visible, I can fill in the blanks.  Refilling basics and adding joy-inducing clothing…clearly my budget will not allow an overnight transformation, but one piece at a time will slowly recreate my closet into a place I no longer dread.



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