Wardrobe Essentials Checklist

The purging of closets has created a need for simplicity…a return to basics.  And, since I’m a list-kinda-girl, I created one to keep me in check.  There are tons of essential lists out there..I gathered them all together and modified it to satisfy my daily routines (ie: stay home mom’s don’t often need suits).  Feel free to make one yourself and share or use this one as a reference.

The Essentials:

  • Black tank-top: whites are a standard and get stained quickly so I always have a stock of inexpensive ones on hand.  But black tanks can be dressed up with a maxi, worn under a denim jacket, used as a bathingsuit cover-up, the possibilities are endless.
  • Short-sleeved black and white t-shirts: Again, a stock of inexpensive white and black t-shirts are perfect dressed up with a statement necklace, or worn casual with everyday shorts.
  • Long-sleeved black and white shirts: Perfect for chilly nights, a long sleeve cotton shirt should be fitted well, not too big, but not clingy either.
  • White button down shirt:  I admit this entry is lacking in my closet currently.  Keeping an eye out for a well-fitted shirt, preferably with 3/4 sleeves for busy hands.
  • Cardigan: I wear my grey cardigan over a graphic tee at least once a week…I also often wear an orange cardi simply because the color makes me happy.  Cardigans are easy to layer when unpredictable weather arrives (like it often does here in PA)!
  • L.B.D: Aka the Little Black Dress.  Go cotton and casual and/or more dressy, a LBD is a must have wardrobe piece.  Timeless, classic, dress it up with pearls and a blazer or dress it down with converse and a fedora.  It can handle anything.
  • Jeans:  Every lady knows her perfect fit..I’m curvy petite.  The perfect jeans fit well in the back and no need for cinching the waist. Black, blue, distressed, flare.  A good pair of jeans are priceless.
  • Black pants:  Another gaping hole in my closet.  Looking for a well made pair (built to last several washings), ends at the ankle, and have a flat front.
  • Denim jacket:  My denim jacket gets so much rotation…worn with a dress, white or black jeans, my jacket ends at the waist and has a short collar.  Classic.
  • Ballet flats: Easy to slip on and go…looks dressy or casual. Kick it up by adding a leopard print pattern, sparkles, or studs.
  • Cowboy boots: Another slip on and go shoe…I snagged an inexpensive pair at a shoe depot, but my girlfriend, Jen splurged and bought a legit pair that will last her a lifetime.  I love them with tights and a tunic, any pair of skinny jeans, dressed up or down.
  • Neutral wedge or heel:  I’m a wedge girl, myself.  They make me feel taller and the arch is uber flattering for date night or girls night out.


If you’re a list girl like me, I hope you enjoy the focused help!  I could add shorts, yoga pants, sweat pants. and skirts, but they seemed like obvious extras.  If I was stranded on a desert island and had to look good every day, these essentials would have me covered!


Lisa & Allison


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