Mother’s Day Revelation

I love that we set aside a day to celebrate all of the Mothers… I laid in bed a few extra minutes while I heard Tim below vacuuming and emptying the dishwasher. I so often awake and sprint to begin my day, but today, I lingered. Before I rose, an early morning call wishing me happy Mother’s day and confession of heart sadness over not having children of her own made me consider all of the ladies out there that might not see this day as a celebration.

Friends that were abandoned by their mothers without explanation, now with children of their own, unable to fathom separation. Forever battling thoughts of inadequacy, carrying blame, that mother space never quite filled.

Friends that tried with all their might, covered in prayer, to have children of their own with no fruit to bear on this day. Feeling broken, crucial parts not working, unable to create a legacy. That child space left void.

Others whose mothers never protected them from abuse. Knowing the truth and twisting it to protect their own ego, sacrificing the child in the process. That mother definition muddied.

Still others that did not have that textbook mother, never receiving the love they so desperately deserved and ached for. Toxic love scattered, instead.

Friends that ache the loss of a child taken too soon. Some never born, others having such a short time together. That hope space, once filled, now vacant.

So many others, like me, who no longer have a mother to send flowers or shower soft words upon. That mother space once brimming, now void.

To you, I send my love. Regardless of your personal definitions, you pursued to create your own family, destined not to repeat the same mistakes. Regardless of your loss and pain, you shared love to countless other children (and adults) in this world. Know that you are enough…regardless of what was done or what was lost. You are lovely, relentless, strong, and beautiful and on this day, I celebrate all of you…every different definition of Mother in you.


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