The Closet Clean-Up Begins

Feeling the need for a closet expansion to allow for all the fabulous Soulshine items we’re curating, determining instead to weed out the old to make room for the new.  This project will take some uninterrupted time and will create quite a mess, so I start early after the kids are off to school.   Not sure where to start and a touch overwhelmed, I begin with the first hanger… black blazer, wool with gold brass buttons.  Trying it on, I realize it doesn’t really hit me in a good spot, ending right above my widest length.  I’ve never worn it, expecting I might as it was passed down from a friend…but here it sits, unworn, a thin layer of dust on the shoulders.  Brushing off the dust, I gently fold it and begin my first pile of rejects.  Deep breath, that wasn’t so hard.  Next up, a really trendy biased cut jacket, comfy with hitchhiker thumbs….but in a black and white stripe that makes me look like a referee, my sporty husband teases.  I’ve worn it twice, kinda like it, but it hasn’t gotten play in close to a year.  Thinking someone else might like it better…I fold it and set it in a separate pile: Pass-Along.  And it continues…each item is tried on, a little turn in front of the mirror to inspect the coming and the going look, then the questions: have I worn it, does it make me feel beautiful, will I ever wear it, would someone else like it more?

Cherishing a few sweet finds…a Mother’s day t-shirt with splotchy handprints, my first 5k t-shirt. Those will remain.

So often I felt like I never had enough hangers…now I’m surprised at how many empties I have remaining.  Refreshing to let go of the old, the redundant, the never-worn…soon to refill with evergreen classics and quirky, joy-bringing pieces.


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