We’ve been joyfully floating on the much appreciated support of friends for months now….loving every order, every happy friend, every return snapshot of them wearing our duds.  We are clearly blessed with an amazing circle of women. The true litmus test, however, occurs this weekend…our first festival event. This bliss has been easy to share among friends…good friends are and have been thrilled to support and watch Soulshine succeed. Everything we’ve done has prepared us to test Soulshine bliss upon strangers.  This week, we’ll receive fresh inventory, stamp them with our sweet logo, individually price and tag, bag for transport, test checkout technology, pack up business cards, flyers, and cute little decorations.  Early Saturday, we’ll build every rack, park the VW bus in plain view, unpack said bus, rehang all the adorable maxi-dresses and tops….then we wait.  Breath held.  Silence amidst the flurry for that very first stranger-customer.  I envision her in my mind..head down, not especially wanting to attend the brew-fest, loosing the bet with her husband.  The cloudy sky parts and sunbeams emerge, falling upon a strikingly unique lemon-lime bus with two sparkly-eyed potential friends waiting to catch her gaze. She adores everything, tells all surrounding women that they simply must see what treasures she has discovered!  Meanwhile, Allison and I, stuttering with excitement, anticipation met and released are doing an invisible inner happy dance, celebrating our first extension into the unknown land of stranger-ville.


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