Personal Style

My own personal style has mutated through so many different themes over the years…I went thru a make-me-invisible wearing all grey phase into the ever popular grunge phase.  Entering the work force, I migrated towards an ever comfy but somewhat feminine look.  Becoming a stay-home-mom, I went thru the daily yoga pants phase in efforts to simplify and stay comfortable.  Once the babes grew, however, and I no longer needed to be rooted to the floor, my look transformed into what I call ‘rugged outdoors’ lending from ever present Lands End catalogs.  In retrospect, my style adapted from whatever environment I was currently situated.  More recently, I’ve seemed to settle comfortably into my own personal style…something that feels good to me, brings me joy, simplifies my wardrobe choices.  Personal style is just that…personal.  I can drift thru the pages of Vogue, apparently the IT voice in fashion, but still wonder who actually wears those outfits…certainly not anyone on the sleepy streets of Shrewsbury, Pa.

Finding a style icon was pivotal for me…I love the simple style of Joanna Gaines.  A pair of cowboy boots and a simple tee create a non-complicated look that I can easily recreate.  At this stage in the game, I’m more aware of what works for me and what is a flop.  I’ve learned what is flattering on my unique frame.  It took a little bit of practice, but my own personal style has emerged and I’m pretty content. Ultimately, it boiled down to what makes me happy, what brings me joy.

Here’s what I’ve found works for me…my own personal style checklist:

  1. Add one crazy thing…boots, big earrings, brightly colored top. (in the right company I add two crazy things!)
  2. Never underestimate a good, comfy graphic tee….wears easily with jeans, shorts, skirts.
  3. Final outfit has to be comfy – no fidgeting and definitely dance worthy (dancing in mirror a must)!
  4. Sassy shoes are good for short term but always bring a comfy back up.
  5. Stock up on simple tanks…a must under every shirt. Tanks are like little all-day hugs and fill in that short shirt space so no plumber views.
  6. Have two go-to outfits that don’t require any thought. Mine are:  dark jeans, a graphic tee with Converse and my happy yellow blouse with blue jeans and cowboy boots. In a rush, I can grab either and go!

These are the daily guides I subconsciously reference…checks that keep me happy and simplified.  Add your own personal style checklists in the comments section! Would love to hear from you!




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