Why I Work

My make-shift office lives in the double door closet of the guest bedroom…Tim fashioned a plank desk, a little lamp and my inspiration board making it a perfect little place to hide and pound out some blog writing or apparel hunting. This week, I had a few quiet moments to print some festival applications and follow up with new Soulshine customers. Settling into my chair, I lifted my gaze and found a new push pin on my inspiration board…’Maya hearts Mom – Work Hard’. If that isn’t inspiration, I’m not sure what truly is.

Amidst the flurry, the heavy lifting, the tedious head-in-the-laptop hunt for cute clothes, they are always watching. When I’m fully wearing my parenting cap, I’m very intentional to offer deep words of wisdom, hoping they linger as echos later. I’m quick to offer an often lengthy diatribe on how the situation translates into being an adult or what I have found in my own life. I read books, we even took a Love and Logic parenting class on how to properly approach each personality. Funny how the two children require such a different connection. But all of this is secondary, apparently, to my actions. What I do, everything I do is being considered, absorbed, perhaps emulated. This sets a new standard. Do my intentional words parallel my intentional actions? Assuming if truth is embedded in both, there’s no wiggle room for doubt, regrets.

So, I plug away. Properly portioning time with Him, time for me, and time for them. Being and representing a strong, confident woman…so my daughter knows what that requires. So she can be fully prepared to create her own version of a strong woman. So my son won’t settle for anything less. So he learns that hard work equals great reward. This is why I work.



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