The Power of Thank You

So I often feel I have to negate a compliment.  When sweet words are spoken, I have to refute them by saying, “this is nothing”, “this old thing?”.  Why can’t ladies simply say thank you? Do we not feel worthy of the compliment? Do we not love the attention it carries? In turn, doesn’t our response dissolve the love offered?

A college friend taught me the power of thank you.  Like brushing your hair the opposite way, it was hard to learn.  Most difficult was keeping those after-words silent.  Two simple words.  Thank. You.  It receives praise, it returns the love to the sender. I still struggle with keeping quiet after I offer thanks, especially on days I’m not feeling particularly lovely inside or out.  It’s definitely an art to be practiced…one I think is worthy because those tiny little words carry much love.

The next time you receive a compliment, resist the urge to negate…instead, simply say Thank you.



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  1. Lisa Stewart says:

    This is such a true comment. Thank you for the reminder that it is perfectly acceptable to just say Thank you. No need to downplay a compliment. When I extend a compliment I do not want someone to negate it by putting themselves down. That defeats the purpose of the compliment. So again, Thank you Soul Sister for the reminder that it is ok to smile and feel the love!


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