My Credentials


As Co-Owner of Soulshine Boutique, I didn’t attend some fancy fashion school, I haven’t read cover to cover editions of Vogue. I am a simple stay-at-home mom of teenagers, wife of Tim, a hard working man that opts for clothes comfy and simple. I joke that I studied Psychology and use it Every. Single. Day. Finally finding my happy place with my own personal style, I know what works for me and what doesn’t. I am also that friend that will tell you when something isn’t working for you. Offering an alternate version, instead. I like quirky patterns, but in small doses. I have a little happy alarm that rings when I see something unique, joy inducing. I also have that desire to share those joy-inducing treasures with my friends, in hopes that we can all be happy together! I doubt everything I find will appeal to every single person, but to that one person that feels more confident, a smile emerging from the curves of their face, I find satisfaction.

So, there you have it. I’m simply Lisa…content in my imperfection, devoted mom, wife, friend. Ramping up to deliver fantastic shiny objects for your viewing and wearing pleasures. Hoping, in the process, to build confidence, spread joy, love, pushing aside lack of confidence in others so that they can better attack their own dreams. I have a certified PhD in that kinda love.


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