No Pants.

Womens-jeans-lifestyle-ss16You won’t find pants on our website ( .  Maxi skirts, dresses, and a plethora of tops, but no pants.  Here’s why…ladies know their own comfort level in one thing…pants.   We find one pair of pants that fits us just right in the length, width, and rump.  The texture and distress has to be just so.  Some of us have found that heavenly pair that fits all that criteria and we scoop up every available pair.  Others are still searching.  I personally feel most confident in a pair of Loft Curvy Petites.  Short leg with a little shape.  I have two pair and wear them religiously.  No one knows (til now) that I have such a limited supply because I always mix it up with a unique top.  So, for now, that’s what will carry our laser focus.  Unique, quirky items for the top half of your body…no one will ever know that you have last week’s jeans on because they are hypnotized by your adorable blouse.  Well played, Soulshine, well played.


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