Company Mascot


What started as a stressful and anxiety-laden emoji shared before big events has now become our company mascot…the wide-eyed Poop Emoji is a friend of Soulshine!  In perfect timing, Allison sends a text with several of the smiley blobs before our first Launch party, before our first Pop-up event, before our first big expense.  The stress of any big event proving to be overwhelming for both of us, turning our stomach, filling it with more than butterflies.  That sweet plop has become a regular sight so we’ve donned him our company mascot.

As amusing as our mascot is, here’s the thing…we don’t ever want to loose that nervous excitement before any Soulshine venture.  I don’t ever want to become numb to the blessing of making women feel beautiful.  I don’t ever want to grow accustomed to the daily stretching out of our comfort zone.  For each time we are nervous, excited, stressed, some wonderful opportunity comes shortly after…we meet a gal needing some extra loving, we find the perfect item to make a woman sparkle, we speak words of truth into a weary soul.

So, bring on the Poop emoji…stretch us, push us, make us uncomfortable for bigger and better things!



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