The Bar is Raised

My very first job was working the counter at my local pharmacy.  They encouraged the importance of greeting the customer with a smile and offering assistance with few boundaries.  Afterwards, I sold apparel at a local Peebles department store, restocking, making sure the racks and stacked piles were always straight as well as interacting with customers with the same smile.  Various jobs through college and afterwards allowed me to interact with customers in all sorts of capacities.  You could say my Customer Service Bar is pretty elevated. I expect the best in any sort of store I frequent.

This week, back to school shopping took me to the mall where I was saddened by the low bar of customer service I experienced in most shops.  The athletic shoe store was busiest, so there was a little bit of a wait at the register.  While I was waiting, I noticed while only one gal covered the register, five reps wandered in the store.  Only one rep was actually interacting with customers while the others took great pleasure in laughing and placing bets on who would help the older, curvy mom with older son.  Lingering out of her sight, but in perfect line of mine, they chuckled and nudged each other.

Taking it as a great opportunity to illustrate in my two children the lack of customer service displayed, it made me realize how my flavor for quality has increased.  I expect the best because I strive to offer the best.  Simply not satisfied until the customer is content, more than content… refreshed, relieved, overjoyed to the point she has no hesitation in spreading the word to her friends.  The way I see it, every interaction is an opportunity to make a soul just a wee bit happier.  Anything less is just wasteful.


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