Extra Small Ladies

We have heard your cries, extra small ladies.  The crusade for smaller sized apparel is upon us.  Searching far and wide for cute clothes in your unique size, we’re finding that it’s akin to finding a unicorn!  Most wholesale clothing bundles come in quantity six in sizes from Small to Large.  It’s a lottery to find an acceptable top that just so happens to have one XS offering.  You can’t filter the searches, you can’t even Google search.  It’s out there, albeit allusive…know it’s our mission to find it!

It has made us realize the glaring absence of clothing for uniquely sized ladies.  The curvy women were first to emerge, looking for clothing that fit appropriately, not leaving them looking like a tent.  Then, the smaller ladies followed with the same concern.  Opposite spectrums of size, with the same issue.  Small, petite, average sized (by media standards), curvy…we all want to look adorable.  There’s no difference when it comes to that desire. It’s sad to us that the world’s offering only seems to satisfy the middle ground consumers.

Know that we’re digging, leaving no stone unturned, searching for those rare sizes that will bring joy to our ladies of all sizes.


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