The Perks

Muscles wound tight and feet in knots, we rest well after every big festival event feeling hungover.  This 43-year old body is no longer geared to carry the loaded bins of clothing and assemble metal racks (which inevitably pinch fingers).  But the perks, oh the perks, they outweigh every possible negative.  This weekend we met a meek young lady, not comfortable in her own skin yet, looking to purchase something lovely for an upcoming trip.  Unsure of her size, her style, her comfort level, we encouraged some suggestions.  Trying on the pieces, discovering she had over guessed her size (why do we women so often think we’re so much larger than we truly are?).  Happy to grab the correct size, she emerged lovely, glowing, smiling.  Soul fulfilling kinda stuff to witness.   Another selection she chose was simply not flattering and we told her so in the gentlest of ways. We despise the thought of taking an item home to discover it looks horrible and hating us for it.  We explained instead our desire to have her think of us every time she passes it in her closet and smiles, feels lovely in the outfit once adorned, then tells all her friends about this wonderful place called Soulshine.



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