Comfort Zone

Surrounded by unfamiliar faces, clothing laid out in nice rows and jewelry sparkling, I want to run back into a shadowy corner and let the ladies shop unbothered.  Nervously circling the dining room table transformed into a boutique jewelry counter, fidgeting, straightening, eyes down, looking busy.  The other half of Soulshine equally unsettled taking refuge in the safety of the kitchen…two souls completely out of our comfort zone.  Forcing heavy feet forward to where the ladies linger.  Words of greeting, the typical ‘do you have any questions’ sounds so awkward, canned.  Clumsily drifting from guest to guest, checking in.  This does not come easy…everything in me wants to retreat.  Forcing my eyes to lift, smile…remembering our mission: To make women feel lovely.  No longer about me, but them…feet only slightly lighter.  Gathering alternate sizes, encouraging unknowns to step out of their comfort zone and try on that dress when I myself am stepping out of my own comfort zone.  Hoping, with time, the stepping out becomes less clumsy, more natural.  We’re just two girls, awkward on the inside, with our own insecurities trying to spread joy among ladies that likely have equal fears.



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