Worthy Causes

October carries awareness of two very worthy causes…Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence.  It makes sense that one out-pinks the other as it’s near impossible to find someone not affected by the C-word.  Domestic Violence, however, is silent, shamed.

I can’t speak directly to Domestic Violence, but I have a brave friend that survived and when her dear heart can bear it, she sheds a mighty big light on that dark reality. Always intent on taking something terrible, twisting it into a new shape and using it to comfort others going thru the same.

On the Cancer side of the month, try as I might to feed my Mother with the greenest drinks, no amount of my control could help. Left feeling lost, undone, completely out of control.  It would be so much easier to stay under my rock, nursing my wounds, but people are suffer still.

So this Wednesday, Allison and I have agreed to donate our sales to two charities:  Save the Ta-Tas – raising awareness while funding ground-breaking Cancer research and Access York – a local center offering confidential support and safe shelter for the abused.

Neither cause is going away anytime soon and instead of feeling out of control, we can talk about it, we can love on others going thru the same thing, we can raise awareness.  We can be a good friend, we can support companies doing big things for Cancer research.  We can be aware, ask the hard questions to those in abusive relationships. While we certainly cannot control these terrible realities, we can all can do one small thing to help others.


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