It had been too long since my last attempt at Yoga and the holiday fluff had settled in. Sneaking a Downward Dog peek around the room instantly left me deflated.  To add insult to injury, the room-length mirror was brutally honest.  Other sculpted arms, flat mid-sections, better poses. Shrugging off the comparison, I took a deep inhale and pressed deeper.


Noticing similar thoughts with our business…others have timely posts, adorable offerings, more followers.  That initial critical thought begins a spiral of stifle, rendering me utterly useless. So, I grasp the thought and kick it to the proverbial curb.  Here I am.  Taking the next correct step, only better than yesterday’s version of Me.


What innovations would never grace this world if others had allowed that self-critical voice to settle in?  What wonderful things would never be known if they had agreed they weren’t smart enough, not the right age, size, or shape, not an authority, not experienced, not affluent or versed, not polished, prim, or perfect?


What makes me Me is so very different…there’s no room for comparison. I will never be another, and others will never be Me. So today I plug away, leaning in, ignoring that self-critical voice while taking one incremental step in the right direction. Writing, reaching, learning, and perhaps a little more Yoga.



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