Neck Issues

I will not go gently into that good night…I will rage, rage against the dying of the light! Forty-four years behind me and age is creeping in slowly.  Greys are growing more defiant. Laugh lines are not funny. And what’s up with the neck?! Where is it going?  Why does it no longer stand firm?!

Lately, I’ve been on attack mode towards keeping it locked up tight and I’ve have to share a concoction that is assisting my efforts: Belles Acres Anti-Aging Serum. I stumbled across this local gal at a festival recently and have been thrilled with it’s results!


I have a weird thing about putting chemical-laden lotions so close to my thyroid and this serum with it’s all natural combination of Vitamin E, Jojoba, Emu and Carrot Seed oils brings me great peace.  A few drops at night and another round in the morning seem to do the trick…especially in the dry winter.

The thick lotion absorbs quickly, so my pillow isn’t left with a greasy imprint.  I tend to use a few extra drops at night to allow the sleepy time to work it’s wonders.  Day time drops are applied while I’m brushing teeth or curling hair, allowing it to sink in before applying make-up. All day long, my skin feels dewy, nourished, happy and my neck is starting to look, well, less loose.

A less expensive, but not nearly as effective, option is to use coconut or olive oil…I’ve tried those previously, but didn’t like how greasy it left my skin.  While the sparkly, highlighted look may be trendy, greasy cheeks are not.  Load it up at night, however, using a towel over your pillow to capture any extras.

While I agree whole-heartedly that beauty is within and laugh lines are earned, I certainly can rage against looking older than my numbers.  So, I’ll continue my battle of the neck…keeping it in check, locked up where it belongs.

(Note: Belles Acres has offered no reimbursement for my feedback. This is simply my opinion, finding success, and wanting to share it with the world! Want your own bottle? Check it out here. xo)



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