Vendors we Adore

Three vendors wowed us on our trip to Atlanta.  You’ll soon have access to their lovely offerings, but for now, here’s what we love about them:


BouCou Jewelry:

Short for Boutique Couture, it wasn’t the booth puppy that won our hearts, or even the owner/ artists stunning blue hair.  It was their logo.  The artist’s mother helped run the Atlanta Mart booth and explained to me that the BouCou logo was her own mother…a trifecta of women!  Something about the accountability struck me.  This was a company filled with pride of ownership, detail and delight. Her pieces are one-of-a-kind pieces that likely will not continue the following season, hand-crafted and unique.  Our favorite pieces include fortune cookies, chokers, and delicate geometric metallic shapes.  Look for them with the launch of the updated website!



Moonlight Makers:

In a world of darkness and seriousness, we were tickled to find this Asheville, NC company! Their self-designed and handmade (and ridiculously soft…a Soulshine standard) graphic tees are instant smile makers.  How can you not smile wearing a Norwhale shirt?  Or giggle over kale?  Life is simply too short not to share a smile…and this company offers smiles in spades.




Mason Jar Label:

Allison and I have secretly waited for the right time to include Men’s clothing… and Mason Jar tees seemed the perfect fit!  Matt and Amber were more than charming and sold us instantly on a line of tees that were super soft and reflected graphics with a nod to nostalgia, southern roots and simpler times.  Picky husbands approve!



We are beyond thrilled to add these Made in the USA vendors to the Soulshine family!  Look for them on the updated website…to be launched soon!





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