Ten Lessons from Year One.

This month, Soulshine celebrates One Year!  Much like raising children, it has quite literally flown by!  In efforts to build upon the experiences learned in year one, Allison and I took a few moments to reflect and review one year of valuable lessons:


  1. No dream is too big. Educate, connect, network, have bacon-filled morning meetings, dream big then be brave and make the jump.  Sometimes it’s an unexpected, accidental kinda jump, but keep moving forward!
  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Infinite details can seem overwhelming, paralyzing.  Pick an answer and go with it.  Don’t get stuck on platforms, details, wording…they’re only a small part of a bigger picture.
  3. The fear you imagine often turns out to be absolutely nothing at all. Sharing a room, driving the VW, filming videos were not the terrible beasts we imagined!
  4. Get out of your comfort zone…it’s easy to stay in the bubble, but the people are out there and they have to be heard and loved!
  5. Be aware of your appearance…people will always wonder if we’re wearing Soulshine goodies, so proudly represent! What we wear, sells. Ladies like seeing how it looks on a normal sized person!
  6. Anchor yourself…it’s impossible to love well from an empty place. Be still, meditate, pray, take care of yourself before you can take care of others.
  7. We are much more number-crunchy and tech-savvy than we ever imagined! We are our own worst critics and not nearly as helpless as we think!
  8. Don’t let anyone let you feel inferior. So you’ve walked into a swanky over-priced store and it feels like a scene from Pretty Woman…walk away tall, lick your wounds, and shake it off.  Don’t linger.  We are just as fierce and fun as any other entrepreneur, customer, mom, wife, friend, sister.
  9. Create a better way to do something. Find a problem and fix it.  See what’s missing. What would make your own life easier?  Figure out how to make it better.
  10. We’re not as young as we used to be…setting up and breaking down (humping boxes) is exhausting. Next phase of Soulshine will fix that!


We cannot wait to see what year two brings us.  It so far has taken two gals with a dream and made them into symbiotic partners, motivated to grow, adapt, and stretch into something bigger than we can imagine.







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