Try Again

This day began and ended with a series of error messages…over all it was your typical Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

From the top…Allison arrived early to film a live video highlighting a favorite smoothie.  Lesson learned that Instagram doesn’t save live videos so while filming round two, I received the dreaded ‘storage exceeded’ message.  Now, our ingredients exhausted, we filmed a mock ending.  Then began my exhaustive endeavor to transfer all 1100 pictures from phone to pc (updated laptop iOs, phone iOs, exchanged after market cord to factory cord, downloaded Dropbox, Dropbox exceeded).  Hours later, no resolution.  Every attempt to connect, I received a saccharin sweet ‘Try Again’ error message.

FullSizeRender (7)


So that’s what I did.  All day long.  I tried again and again.  Finally, those bulky items moved from my phone, and a lesson was learned in the process.  Please Try Again.  There are times in all aspects of this business, where we clearly are not the experts (taxes, accounting, marketing to name our top three), but we gather information to make ourselves more knowledgeable, apply our new found skills and cross our fingers that the dreaded error message doesn’t appear.  We just keep trying again.  And again, sometimes.

Today is a new day and I’m fairly positive we’ll have other No Good Very Bad Days in our future, but we simply must keep Trying Again.  Switch the cord, power down and back up again, take a walk, a deep breath, send a vent email, reach out to someone with more knowledge, educate, then try again.


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