Nap No Longer Needed.

I was tired, hot, sticky from an afternoon in the humid Baltimore sun, so it would have been perfectly normal for me to shift into neutral and not participate.  But I didn’t, and I was greatly rewarded for it.


Packed and on the road by 7am for a Saturday festival at Druid Hill Park…a Bluegrass festival opportunity for us to spread some Soulshine love.  The packing and unpacking has become a science in partnership…every single item presented just perfectly to shock and awe.  Already I’m tired and realizing jeans on a sunny day wasn’t a smart choice.  Customers wander by in pulses…busy then slow then busy again, some lingering while others just passing thru.  Hours in the sun, I’m beginning to melt and seriously contemplating a quick nap inside the van.  It would have been easy for me to offer a fabricated smile and a rushed platitude when she stepped up to pay for her treasure but something told me to connect. Something in her eye and that still small voice prompted me to dig deeper.  Announcing she’s making a purchase for herself because she deserves it, I felt that little nudge to encourage more details.  “What’s going on?” Timid but thankful, she offered up a small glimpse inside her world, a crumbled relationship.  Sweet words of encouragement given, smiles shared and she was off.  It felt good to comfort another soul.


Hours later, she returned with a friend who found her own sweet treasures and at checkout revealed that she owns a company that connects students with colleges.  My personal reward for being obedient as we are just beginning college visitations for my Junior daughter.  Two friendships made. Many sweet rewards.  Nap no longer needed.


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