Get Out of the House!

A big part of this Soulshine gig is behind the scenes, specifically, behind the computer, IMG_2334sitting and staring at a screen for hours.  Researching brands, reading blogs, cropping photos, adjusting Quickbooks, learning, writing, shopping.  All fun stuff, but most of which keeps us hidden from humans for hours which is neither good for our rear end, glassy eyes , nor our sanity.  So, once a week we take a brain break and put ourselves in front of living,  breathing humans.  It’s good for the soul, allows us to make new friends while nurturing our existing friend network.  This week, I took the family to watch a friend’s son play lacrosse which allowed me to get some fresh air, support my friend, meet some new ladies, and make some noise for the boys!

The to-do list is endless and ever-repopulating with new to-do’s, so be sure to satisfy the soul and get out of the house!


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  1. Whitney says:

    Love. Putting yourself on the to do list. Accepting that your inbox will always have something in it.


    1. Thanks, Whitney…putting self first is indeed not a terrible thing! ,xo


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