Top Five Tips on How to Wear Leggings


Let me be your best friend here….that trusted confidant that has to tell you a glaring truth.  The trend in leggings doesn’t seem to be fading, so let’s be honest, there are definite best practices on how to wear them.  Here are our top five style tips on how to look your best in leggings:

 1) Keep the rump region covered….a tunic, long boy-friend tee, a cardigan, duster or even a short dress perfectly keeps that region under cover:

olive-Lush-tunic-with-leggings-and-OTK-boots-in-the-snow-square-720x720_medium(picture source)

2) Two tights do not make a right. When wearing leggings, keep the top half of your body loose and light. A loose and long top works best with leggings.

3) Choose leggings that are high quality. When bending at the knee, you shouldn’t see skin…this means other stretched and curvy sections could be transparent as well.  We searched long and hard to find this pair of high quality leggings.

4) If your heart is set on wearing printed leggings, keep it simple up top. When your bottom is busy, stick with a plain or complementary patterned top.  (remembering style tip #1)

f66d163d6fc62e7239531bd9b22d80a6_medium(picture source)

5) Choose leggings that stay put and if they offer tummy control, even better! Don’t settle for leggings that creep and require the constant tug against gravity. These leggings stay put and offer added tummy control…so eat that extra taco!


We hope you find these tips helpful and put them to use immediately, friend!  Be sure to comment if you have other leggings style tips or other topics you’d like us to cover!



Lisa & Allison

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