Ten Tips for Spring Cleaning your Closet

Spring always makes me want to clear the decks, specifically, clean out my closet.  Clothes were piled in tightly, shoes were stacked high, old and new clothing of all seasons sharing the same tight quarters.  Instead of spilling into the guest bedroom, my good friend and business partner, Allison came with a strong arm and some moral support.  Here is what we discovered:


    1.   Set Aside a Large Amount of Time. Start to finish, the process took me 3 hours.     Know it’s going to get ugly before it gets pretty, so leave time for the magic to happen!

2.  Invite a Good Friend to Help. She has no emotional ties to your fake Lily Pulitzer dress and will brutally educate you on why it must go.  Plus, everything is more fun with friends!



      3.  Empty entire closet into piles:

  •      Keep: Does it bring you joy? Does it fit well? Is it still fashionable?
  •      Pitch: Items that are stained or ripped cannot be donated, these will head right to the trash (unless you compost, then take that route).
  •      Donate: Have you tried it on twice and never actually worn it?  Is it unflattering?Does it no longer fit? Does it no longer bring you joy? Let it go and be loved by someone else.

4.   Bag up items that need to be pitched or donated right away so you won’t be tempted to change your mind. Be strong!

5.  Coordinate your hanger color…trust me, it’s a small change that makes a big difference! I went with white, but if pink makes you happy, go for it!

6.  Re-hang items by type…Hang all dresses together yet section dressy items together and more casual items together. Another example, hang all tank tops together, all  casual tees,  all dressy blouses are sourced together.  You can also hang by sleeve length.

7.  Re-hang out of season items out of sight..I pushed all winter items to the side, leaving all the spring and summer items front and center. It makes for quicker decision-making in the morning!


8.  Be prepared to feel lighter…what remains is your most worn and most loved items. I know exactly what I have, exactly what fits, and exactly what works for me!

9.  You’ll have a better idea of what is lacking…I discovered that I clearly need a few  fitted white tees without graphics.

10.  Donate items right away…look for an upcoming post on where to donate your items.

We hope that you are inspired to clean out your closet for Spring!  Don’t be overwhelmed… we’re here for ya!  Comment or share a pic of your newly cleaned closet!  We love that stuff!


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