Sour Tomatoes

Straight from our garden, the most perfect cherry tomato graced my salad last evening.  It was smooth, perfect in color, shape, size, and texture.  Grinning with pride, I lifted it to my mouth and discovered slightly under that perfect surface was a rancid, bitter core.  What good is the perfect exterior if the interior lacks any substance, any nourishment?

It made me consider our mission at Soulshine, a persistent drill down into the core, ensuring all ladies feel loved, leave better than they arrived, and beyond.   Encouraging the deepest inner parts to match the shiny exterior…anyone can provide a blouse, there are certainly a thousand options to cover the exterior, to give that perfect covering.  But what about the more vital, life crucial interior?   Our intent is to inspire, our end game is to enlight and delight.

Allison & I want some small part in turning sour tomatoes into the sweetest souls.







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