Soulshine Favorites – November

Each month, Allison and I share items that we adore. Think of it as a ‘girl-you-gotta-have-it’ kinda item! This November, we are sharing two items that we use on a daily basis:
Allison’s Pick:
This month, Allison selected several locally made serums and masks to treat your face with love! A.E. Hunley Apothecarie & Herbs concocts the dreamiest selections of purposeful products that lavish the skin and delight the senses. All ingredients are hand selected with specific purpose. You can find many of her items at local shops such as Saubels Market in Shrewsbury and oftentimes at local festivals.
Lisa’s Pick:
For November, Lisa picked a selection of Fall nail-polish colors from the Poofy Cosmetic line. She discovered the Poofy Organics line from blogger-friend-customer Allison Whing from Out of the Box Mama and adored the fact their items are made in the USA in small batches from all-good-for-you ingredients. The nail polish withstood a broken dishwasher AND is toxin free (safe for kids, pregnant moms, and chemo patients).
Only a few of these items remain in the shop…let us know if you’re interested in them OR check them out directly using links above! We love sharing good stuff with you gals!
xo Lisa & Allison

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