One Word Project

business (14)A fresh take on New Years resolutions, Whitney with White House on the Square has inspired us with her One Word project blog post.  Seemingly more difficult than squats and diets, intentionally implementing a fresh perspective will be quite a stretch…which leads me directly into my chosen word:  Stretch.


Torn between Grow and Stretch, I found inspiration within Stretch.   Grow lends a more organic, natural learning process where Stretch depends on inspired activity.  Stretch will require movement, action, the end of excuses, bravely exploring new ground.  To follow Whitney’s lead, I researched the definition of Stretch and pulled a sharp inhale of both delight and apprehension:


Gasp.  Something soft (nothing softer than heart, brain or muscles) being made longer or wider without tearing or breaking.  Let’s hope for no tearing or breaking of soft things.

On the front side of this journey, my initial thoughts of intentional Stretching conjured thoughts of:

Morning yoga

Researching fresh topics

Asking hard questions

Learning new skills

Veering from routine

Bravely stepping from the comfort zone


I’m curious what will truly be required in this Stretch…things I hadn’t even considered yet. What I hope is revealed at the end of 2018, wider and longer mind, heart, and muscles, deeper and broader friendships, and an overall richer and multi-layered-Lisa.


Inspired?  We’d love to hear your Word for 2018!  For more details, follow along here.  Check in next week to see Allison’s word!




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