One Word Movement: Authentic

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Its funny how you think you have plan and then God sweetly lets you know that its not your plan…..its HIS.    When I was approached about being a part of One Word with Whitney 2018 (click here for blog post) I thought….hey….now this is something I can get into.   I have never been big into New Years resolutions.   I feel like they just set people up for failure.   And besides that…..why does everyone want to work on a way to change who they are?  With that being said, I started reflecting on who I am and what parts I want to make better.   As I thought about it the word AUTHENTIC kept popping into my brain.

Definition: true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character


Urban Dictionary: Being all real and not all about the fake stuff

Thats it!!!    I am going to work on being more AUTHENTIC.   There isn’t a better word for me to have in 2018.  I even found a great quote……This is going to be great.


Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy…..right?   WRONG!!!!   If you are facebook friends with me, you will know that since daylight savings time, I have been waking up daily at 4:45am.  Not by choice…mind you.    In fact, I fight it…..all the time.    But about 2 weeks into the fighting I was laying in bed and was told, very clearly, to pray.   So, I got up, went downstairs and started doing morning quiet time.  Oh the things God will tell you at 4:45am if you open your heart (get out of bed) and listen.   During this time I have been hearing the same theme over and over and over…….SIMPLIFY!

Definition:  to make less complex or complicated; make plainer or easier

Not knowing what he meant, I started to dig deeper.  And this is what I found out.    God wants me to simplify EVERY aspect of my life.   He wants me to go back to the root of everything.    Quiet moments, stillness, removing toxins out of my life.  Some of that is tangible (abrasive cleaners, medicines, certain foods).  Some of that is emotional (relationships, internal clutter, unnecessary fillers of time).  All of these things that have taken a toll on who God wants me to be.  The real AUTHENTIC me (see what I did there?)


So for 2018, I am going to choose the word SIMPLIFY.   My goal is to Simplify every aspect of my life.   Get rid of all the chaos and clutter and get to the root of who my true AUTHENTIC self is.

If you would like to go on this journey with Soulshine and The White House on the Square, Click here for more information.

xo – Allison


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    Loving it.


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