Finding the Yum

Not too long ago,  I loved shopping at Goodwill. I loved the potential of it all.  I approached it like a treasure hunt, never knowing what goodie I’d discover.  Sliding the hangers, one at a time to the left, in a yuck, yuck, yuck, yum game, I loved seeking out the good.

business (9)

There were days, however, where all I’d find is the yuck.


I was having a very similar week recently, where the walls seemed a bit closer, where the responsibilities were making me feel dizzy, where every single potential fizzled out.  Those are the kinda weeks when you just want to stay in bed, watch YouTube and color.  But what good is that?  I push forward, straining to seek out the good. Starting small…thank you for this toothpaste.  Thank you for toilet paper.  One thanks compounding with the next until you can build to something grand.  Thank you for food in my pantry.  Thank you for breakfast.  Thank you for the birds.  Thank you for a smiling stranger.


It’s not easy some days to find the yum.  Some days, the yum seems buried beneath a mountain of yuck.  But, it’s there all the same.  Some days simply require a bit more sliding to the left.


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