Pulling Weeds

business (6)Today’s Morning Tea with Me appeared fresh from a weekend of pulling weeds.  Waking a bit stiff, my mind always wanders to life analogies.  Deep in the 3′ tall weeds this weekend, I discovered the dead weeds were so easy to pull while those with a bit more life clinging were harder to dislodge.  True to life, those things that are glaringly obvious as unfruitful and necessary to pluck are often easier to remove.  However, those activities, friendships, or habits that have a little bit more life in them are more difficult to part with.  Food so yummy, but so bad for you.  Friendships still fun, but leaves you empty.  Those are the hardest to pluck.  Best to take a good assessment and begin the purge before you, too, are left with 3′ tall deeply rooted weeds.


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