Don’t Get Too Comfy


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My morning routine includes a little mixture of reading, yoga, prayer, and meditation.  It’s a sweet way to start my day but lately I’ve become a tad too comfy. There’s a nicely folded, super-soft, pink fluffy blanket at the end of my bed that longs to snuggle. About mid way thru meditation when my ankle is starting to ache, my legs extend, my back reclines and the pink blanket rises.

Inevitably, I fall asleep.  No good to anyone, I’ve become far to comfortable.

Life lesson:You have to get just a little bit uncomfortable to improve upon any good thing.


Friends visit the shop and report their brave tales of stretching into new occupations slightly outside of their typical comfort zone. Other friends rescue dogs from overpopulated kill shelters, upending their routine and their hearts to new foster parents. Runner friends push themselves out of bed on rainy days to get uncomfortable in order to get better. Any good thing, it seems, requires a touch of discomfort.

Stretching out of comfort zones in order to establish new routines, to learn new lessons, to expand and extend requires getting out from under that pink, soft, fluffy blanket.

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