A More Productive Day

Busy, yet unproductive,  sleep-walking thru the day, filling the day with garbage and wondering why I don’t have time to do the good stuff. The stuff that I really want to do, the stuff that makes real change, the stuff that I’m built to do.  I recently journaled the busy-ness of my day and wasn’t so pleased with my discovery.  Looking like a random scattering of half completed projects, any boss would surely fire me.  But I’m the boss.


I also discovered a thousand tiny tasks spread out over an entire week wasn’t super productive.  Feeling like I work a solid 40 hour week towards my business but in truth scattering it out in five minute chunks wasn’t accomplishing the grand tasks I have planned.  Wondering what I should do next, overwhelmed, choosing to do nothing instead was also doing nothing for my end game.

So a buckle down was in order. Working a bit more on purpose, a more proactive day instead of a reactive one, I restructured my day to build in the most important stuff first, the stuff that helps my family, my soul and my business thrive. Dedicated time for cleaning so I don’t feel guilty on my off times and so I don’t use it as a crutch other times (I’m a stress cleaner).  Carving out time to write and to read versus leaving it to the worn out remainders of the day, ensured I put in and spilled out good brain stuff.

business (4)


Here’s what I did to reveal daily patterns:


  • Grabbed an old school notebook and pen and wrote one word highlights for every 30min / 1hr increments.
  • I didn’t want to write down nonsense or unproductive distractions but did it anyway… first part is knowing the truth.
  • Seeing an obvious trend, I threw in the towel for big change on the third day.



Here’s what I did to create a new plan:


  • Listed all the tasks I need to accomplish for running my house and business (cleaning, laundry, bills, meal prep, social media planning, networking, ordering, shipping, etc)
  • Listed all the tasks I’d like to accomplish to make me a better person (yoga, reading, writing, time with friends, time with family)
  • Created a new weekly schedule plugging in non-negotiables first (work hours, kid events, church)
  • Plugged in the most important tasks next (for me, family, reading & writing)
  • Consolidated remaining tasks into specific days (cleaning Friday, homeschool Wednesday, meal prep Sunday)
  • Consolidated work hours into 2.5 days grouping similar tasks together (ie: Monday live video and newsletter to customers, Tuesday take pictures and plan social media)



Feeling content that every good thing has its tidy place but completely aware that life happens and change will occur, I’m heading into my new work week relieved and lighter.  Being aware of the problem helped me to know what to correct.  Feeling a clearer sense of purpose and a cleaner path to travel, will hopefully help me to stay focused on the prize and get more accomplished.


If you decide to make a daily journal or restructure your days, let me know what you discover or if you have any tips that helped you stay on task and productive!


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