I’m No Fashion Expert

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Owning a boutique has the very real potential each day for fraudulent thoughts. A quick scroll will leave me thinking my pictures are horrible, my finds are dull, and I need to dress up more often.

Full disclosure, I’m no fashion expert.

Easy enough for anyone to search magazines and social media for the current trends, I can report what I see out in the world, but I’m certainly no fashion week guru or authority on the next hot things. I’m a jeans and tee kinda gal. Perfectly content to wear the same four things over and over again because it’s easy and comfy, I appreciate simplicity.

What I am, however, without argument is an encourager, a teacher, a listener.

Ladies discover Soulshine and shop Open House weekends in increasing numbers.  They could most certainly buy my finds at a thousand other stores and likely for much less on Amazon, but they return again and again, I think, because I see them. As much as the world tells and shows all with each social media scroll, the masses seem so unseen and so unheard. Up the stairs and within the Soulshine walls, is a safe place to smile, share, and be seen. To feel loved, I’ve learned, one must feel accepted, affirmed, and assisted. I hear you, I see you, and I’ll help you. It’s my jam.

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