Be A Helper

My soul seeks the helpers, those doing good, following that unique passion to help a specific need.  Joining the local Rotary chapter, I quickly found myself surrounded by a tribe of helpers.  One inspiring stand-out is my friend, Sharon Bailey.  She didn’t want to be a helper, but the nudges on her soul became too heavy after a missions trip to the Dominican Republic and soon she was traveling there several times a year.  She wants to ensure children receive education…something we so often take for granted, but in the DR, it’s for the select few.  Their government will only allow children into school if parents can afford a uniform and it’s kept clean every day.  Fathers work endlessly in sugar cane fields bringing home a mere $20/week while often the only income for mothers is money for sex.  Food often trumps uniforms, so many children peer eagerly past the schoolyard walls wishing they could be that chosen student.

It all starts with a uniform. 

borderless hope school

Sharon started a non-profit called Borderless Hope and in her few short years, she has been able to support over 200 children!  Immediately, I felt similar soul pangs and knew I could help and I had no doubt my generous customer friends would join the cause.  The least I could do is collect undershirts and socks.  So through July 26th, if your soul is equally pained and wishes to help, click HERE to choose an item and drop it off at the shop thru July 19th.  One small part can help in such big ways.

P.S. If you wish to gift even larger than an undershirt, Borderless Hope takes donations to support a student. For $80, one student receives a uniform, supplies, education, and two meals each day for the entire school year!  (I’ve spent more than that in Target!) Click HERE if you wish to support a student instead of undershirts and socks.


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