Soulshine Favorites – November

Each month, Allison and I share items that we adore. Think of it as a ‘girl-you-gotta-have-it’ kinda item! This November, we are sharing two items that we use on a daily basis: Allison’s Pick: This month, Allison selected several locally made serums and masks to treat your face with love! A.E. Hunley Apothecarie & Herbs… Continue reading Soulshine Favorites – November


Ten Tips for Spring Cleaning your Closet

Spring always makes me want to clear the decks, specifically, clean out my closet.  Clothes were piled in tightly, shoes were stacked high, old and new clothing of all seasons sharing the same tight quarters.  Instead of spilling into the guest bedroom, my good friend and business partner, Allison came with a strong arm and… Continue reading Ten Tips for Spring Cleaning your Closet

Try Again

This day began and ended with a series of error messages…over all it was your typical Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. From the top…Allison arrived early to film a live video highlighting a favorite smoothie.  Lesson learned that Instagram doesn’t save live videos so while filming round two, I received the dreaded ‘storage… Continue reading Try Again