Start Here

We are so glad that you found us.   This post is a little “road map” of the Who, What, When, Where and Why of Soulshine Boutique.     In 2016 we decided to start a boutique that helped make shopping easy for busy moms.   We curated cute clothing and accessories and made them available in one easy shopping experience.  Whether you purchased the clothing on our website and found us at one of the many festivals that we attended, operating out of our faithful vintage vw.  We had 1 mission in mind……To make all women feel beautiful from the inside out.

This journey has transformed many times over the last 1+ years.   We not only want our customers to feel beautiful, we want EVERYONE who comes in contact with these items to feel beautiful.    The conviction of the ethical treatment of the creators of our clothing has now become an equally important mission.    We want to make sure that these women are treated fairly, ethically and are held in high regard.     We want all women to realize that beauty is not about size, shape, hair color etc but from what is on the inside.  We want all women realize their natural beauty and let their SOUL SHINE.

This blog is going to be an area where we can write to you in regards to what we are all about, ethical fashion tips, and a way to celebrate the beauty of all women.  Consider this post as a road map into our lives.  Why we chose what this path and where this path is taking us.   Buckle up…..its going to be a sweet ride.