Access Denied Twice- Atlanta Americasmart

Our first venture into live wholesale buying, Allison and I stumbled into Americasmart in Atlanta a lot like two toddlers crossing into Magic Kingdom.  At check-in, we received our lanyard and fully legit badges proclaiming us as buyers for Soulshine Boutique! Peeking forward, it seemed like Jenga squares of clothing booths…so many options, where to… Read More Access Denied Twice- Atlanta Americasmart

Neck Issues

I will not go gently into that good night…I will rage, rage against the dying of the light! Forty-four years behind me and age is creeping in slowly.  Greys are growing more defiant. Laugh lines are not funny. And what’s up with the neck?! Where is it going?  Why does it no longer stand firm?!… Read More Neck Issues


It had been too long since my last attempt at Yoga and the holiday fluff had settled in. Sneaking a Downward Dog peek around the room instantly left me deflated.  To add insult to injury, the room-length mirror was brutally honest.  Other sculpted arms, flat mid-sections, better poses. Shrugging off the comparison, I took a… Read More Comparison

Comfort Zone

Surrounded by unfamiliar faces, clothing laid out in nice rows and jewelry sparkling, I want to run back into a shadowy corner and let the ladies shop unbothered.  Nervously circling the dining room table transformed into a boutique jewelry counter, fidgeting, straightening, eyes down, looking busy.  The other half of Soulshine equally unsettled taking refuge… Read More Comfort Zone

The Perks

Muscles wound tight and feet in knots, we rest well after every big festival event feeling hungover.  This 43-year old body is no longer geared to carry the loaded bins of clothing and assemble metal racks (which inevitably pinch fingers).  But the perks, oh the perks, they outweigh every possible negative.  This weekend we met… Read More The Perks