Try Again

This day began and ended with a series of error messages…over all it was your typical Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. From the top…Allison arrived early to film a live video highlighting a favorite smoothie.  Lesson learned that Instagram doesn’t save live videos so while filming round two, I received the dreaded ‘storage… Continue reading Try Again


Ten Lessons from Year One.

This month, Soulshine celebrates One Year!  Much like raising children, it has quite literally flown by!  In efforts to build upon the experiences learned in year one, Allison and I took a few moments to reflect and review one year of valuable lessons: No dream is too big. Educate, connect, network, have bacon-filled morning meetings, dream big… Continue reading Ten Lessons from Year One.

Ten Take-Aways…The Customer Rules

I have recently started to devour books on successful businesses...hoping to learn from their mistakes, gathering their wisdom.  This is first in a series called Ten Take-Aways...partly to remind me of the good stuff and also to share my findings with the world. First up:  The Customer Rules by Lee Cockerell.  Forty years of business experience, Lee… Continue reading Ten Take-Aways…The Customer Rules