Top Five Tips on How to Wear Leggings

How to wear leggings and still look cute


Don’t Yuck my Yum.

It’s what you’ll hear at my house when my kids turn their nose up towards my strange meal combinations (I’m a big kimchi and siracha fan).  What is perfectly delightful to me clearly is not received the same with my children.  Still, “don’t yuck my yum”! Allison and I are privy to closed boutique owner… Continue reading Don’t Yuck my Yum.

Access Denied Twice- Atlanta Americasmart

Our first venture into live wholesale buying, Allison and I stumbled into Americasmart in Atlanta a lot like two toddlers crossing into Magic Kingdom.  At check-in, we received our lanyard and fully legit badges proclaiming us as buyers for Soulshine Boutique! Peeking forward, it seemed like Jenga squares of clothing many options, where to… Continue reading Access Denied Twice- Atlanta Americasmart

My Credentials

As Co-Owner of Soulshine Boutique, I didn't attend some fancy fashion school, I haven't read cover to cover editions of Vogue. I am a simple stay-at-home mom of teenagers, wife of Tim, a hard working man that opts for clothes comfy and simple. I joke that I studied Psychology and use it Every. Single. Day.… Continue reading My Credentials

Personal Style

My own personal style has mutated through so many different themes over the years…I went thru a make-me-invisible wearing all grey phase into the ever popular grunge phase.  Entering the work force, I migrated towards an ever comfy but somewhat feminine look.  Becoming a stay-home-mom, I went thru the daily yoga pants phase in efforts… Continue reading Personal Style