Try Again

This day began and ended with a series of error messages…over all it was your typical Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. From the top…Allison arrived early to film a live video highlighting a favorite smoothie.  Lesson learned that Instagram doesn’t save live videos so while filming round two, I received the dreaded ‘storage… Continue reading Try Again


Ten Lessons from Year One.

This month, Soulshine celebrates One Year!  Much like raising children, it has quite literally flown by!  In efforts to build upon the experiences learned in year one, Allison and I took a few moments to reflect and review one year of valuable lessons: No dream is too big. Educate, connect, network, have bacon-filled morning meetings, dream big… Continue reading Ten Lessons from Year One.

Comfort Zone

Surrounded by unfamiliar faces, clothing laid out in nice rows and jewelry sparkling, I want to run back into a shadowy corner and let the ladies shop unbothered.  Nervously circling the dining room table transformed into a boutique jewelry counter, fidgeting, straightening, eyes down, looking busy.  The other half of Soulshine equally unsettled taking refuge… Continue reading Comfort Zone

Extra Small Ladies

We have heard your cries, extra small ladies.  The crusade for smaller sized apparel is upon us.  Searching far and wide for cute clothes in your unique size, we’re finding that it’s akin to finding a unicorn!  Most wholesale clothing bundles come in quantity six in sizes from Small to Large.  It’s a lottery to… Continue reading Extra Small Ladies

The Bar is Raised

My very first job was working the counter at my local pharmacy.  They encouraged the importance of greeting the customer with a smile and offering assistance with few boundaries.  Afterwards, I sold apparel at a local Peebles department store, restocking, making sure the racks and stacked piles were always straight as well as interacting with… Continue reading The Bar is Raised

My Credentials

As Co-Owner of Soulshine Boutique, I didn't attend some fancy fashion school, I haven't read cover to cover editions of Vogue. I am a simple stay-at-home mom of teenagers, wife of Tim, a hard working man that opts for clothes comfy and simple. I joke that I studied Psychology and use it Every. Single. Day.… Continue reading My Credentials