Ten Tips for Spring Cleaning your Closet

Spring always makes me want to clear the decks, specifically, clean out my closet.  Clothes were piled in tightly, shoes were stacked high, old and new clothing of all seasons sharing the same tight quarters.  Instead of spilling into the guest bedroom, my good friend and business partner, Allison came with a strong arm and… Continue reading Ten Tips for Spring Cleaning your Closet


The Closet Clean-Up Begins

Feeling the need for a closet expansion to allow for all the fabulous Soulshine items we’re curating, determining instead to weed out the old to make room for the new.  This project will take some uninterrupted time and will create quite a mess, so I start early after the kids are off to school.   Not… Continue reading The Closet Clean-Up Begins

Closet Purge

I'm gearing up for a good Closet Purge...maybe it's the Spring cleaning bug with the incrementally warmer days creeping in.  More likely it's because I'm at my tipping point...that frustration over 'nothing to wear'.  It's certainly not from lack of clothing as my racks are plump with an assortment of cardigans, sweaters, blouses, and all… Continue reading Closet Purge